Eurobottle - Real bio-based bottle GREEN

The world’s first real Biobased sports bottle
Recent investments in product development makes it possible that Eurobottle can now offer her customers a sports bottle produced out of sugar cane based raw materials.
No use of earth’s scarce fossil resources, but using the renewable raw material sugar cane that absorbs CO2 and lowers greenhouse gas emission.

This is one of the latest achievements by which Eurobottle further fulfils its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Acting in an environmentally responsible way means that one uses products that can be repeatedly used, remain in good shape and after a long lifecycle can be recycled in commonly known recycling programs for plastics.

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  • High quality sports bottle with a long life cycle
  • Supports many healthy and sportive hours
  • Customizable for your personal promotional message
  • Fits all CSR strategies
  • Contributes to a reduced carbon footprint