Textile finishing

To get you finisher shirt after crossing the finish line...!
To put on the leader jersey after scoring a victory....!
Company shirts for the business run...!
Celebrate your company jubilee with polos for your staff...!
Team sweatshits for your own soccer club...!

Because of our experinced staff and our modern machineries we are able to realize your ideas within a short term and for a reasonable price.
We finish t-shirts, polos, shirts, sweatshirts (including soft shell, fleece), caps, towels and workwear with your logo as a print or embroidery. It is also possible to finish parts of bags and backpacks.

Below is an overview of the different printing techniques. There is a short clip and an information sheet for each printing technique.



Screen printing 

There is one screen for each colour because each colour will be printed separately. With this technique consistent Pantone colours can be realized. After printing the colour will be fixed in the dryer.

The costs comply with the quantity of textiles and the number of printing colours.
No hidden costs!

  • Best price printing technique for medium and large quantities
  • Up to 6-7 colours can be realized
  • Intense colours, especially with an additional print underneath
  • Long durability and lasting washproof property
  • No colour gradients (exception grid screen printing)
  • Special colours on request (eg metallic, reflective)

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Flock & Transfer print

The motive will be cut out of a very thin film (single coloured). Under heat and pressure the film is pressed on the textile. This technique is well known for team sports (eg soccer jerseys).

The costs comply with the quantity of textiles and the size of the motive(s).
No hidden costs!

  • Suitable for small or individual prints (eg names, trikot numbers)
  • Flex film or flock film (velvety)
  • More than 30 colours available
  • 100% opacity and lasting washproof property
  • Only one colour prints
  • No colour gradients or photos 
  • Very small prints (fonts,letters) must be checked

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Sublimation printing

Under heat and pressure the colour is absorbed by the fibers so that the print does not rest on the material but is fused with the material. This technique is only working with white polyester fabrics (eg functional textiles).

The costs comply with the quantity of textiles and the size of the motive(s).

No hidden costs!

  • Even for small quantities
  • Digital printing - no restricitions on number of colours
  • Lasting washproof property and iron resistance
  • Soft surface
  • Colour gradients and photos with brilliant colours
  • Only working with white or pale polyester fabircs

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According to the motive the number of stitches and the type of embroidery is calculated and determined. After the embroidery card is finished, it is sent to the embroidery machine, the textile is fixed in a frame and then it can be embroidered.
For fleece and wool material the embroidery technique is nearly the only possibility to finish. Average motives have a size of 10cm x 10cm (approximately 10.000 to 12.000 stiches).

The costs comply with the amount of stitches, the embroidery card will be charged only once. For exact calculation we need the following information:
textile type (eg polo shirt, soft shell jacket), logo size and the number of pieces.
Complicated motives have to be checked.

  • Quick and high qualitiy conversions of motives, starting at one piece
  • Embroidery is possilbe on almost all textiles
  • Long durability
  • Very small motives and fine colour gradients are not feasible

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