Sports accessories

Our RUN&MOVE articles are produced by runners for runners, so you get what you need without useless frills.
Of course you can use these items also for other sports like cycling, walking and inline skating.


Flask Belt Competition

  • Light, elastic belt
  • Convenient flaskholder
  • Including four flasks (125ml)
  • Velcro fastener
  • Pocket with velcro fastener and inner zipper pocket
  • Sizes S to XL

Bottle Belt EASY

  • Adjustable running belt
  • Innovative bottle holder
  • Simple handling
  • 2 zipper pockets
  • 500ml bottle included
  • One size

Add on belt system

This system is a unique modular conception. You can add up to six different accessories to the Base Belt, depending what you need during your training or competition and create your individual running belt.

  • ADD ON Base Belt
  • ADD ON Trail
  • ADD ON Neo Pocket Big
  • ADD ON Pocket Speed
  • ADD ON Flask Holder
  • ADD ON Bottle Holder

Useful pockets

The RUN&MOVE collection also includes many useful pockets. All items are one size and are flexible to wear.

  • Phonepockets Sport (for all Smartphones)
  • Jogpocket
  • Hip pockets
  • Bicycle accessories bag

Race tools

All you need for racing. Basic products of RUN&MOVE.

  • Racenumberbelts with and without pockets
  • Chipband
  • Lace pockets
  • Sports bottles (all sizes)

Warm & dry

RUN&MOVE offers a wide range of functional caps and other accessories.

  • Functional caps
  • Warming headgear (e.g. beanies, windbreaker)
  • Gloves (fleece, light)
  • Headbands / wristbands